About us

The Monitoring was established in Southall (west London), in the early 1980’s, by community campaigners and lawyers who wished to challenge the growth of racism in the locality.

We have become a leading anti-racist charity that promotes civil rights.

Our national office is based in London.

Our aims are:
a. To promote good race relations;
b. To advance race relations by means of education and awareness raising; and
c. To relieve the needs of those who are distressed or suffering violence or harassment.

We are the leading exponent of family led empowerment and justice campaigns in the UK. Over the past 25 years we have many led campaigns to help families including those of Kuldip Singh Sekon, Ricky Reel, Micheal Menson, Stephen Lawrence, Zahid Mubarek and Victoria Climbie. Some of these cases led to Public Judicial Inquiries and consequent changes in legislation, social policies and practices. Since the London Bombings we have worked with victim families of the carnage as well as Black Minority and Ethnic and Muslim groups and individuals affected by indiscriminate state-led policies in London, Midlands and the North.

The Monitoring Group currently receives over 1,000 calls annually on its Help Line from people suffering racial violence, religious hatred, sexual violence and state neglect or misconduct. A key reason for the group’s sustainability is the involvement of “victims” in its management, staff and volunteering structures. It has successfully developed many innovative projects serving “hard to reach communities” such as young people in Yorkshire, the traveller and gypsy communities in Lincolnshire, victim of racial violence in rural environment, the refugee and migrant communities in the South West and the Black & Ethnic Minority communities across the UK.

We use many innovative and pluralist formats to challenge discrimination and violence including art, culture, drama, poetry, photography, prose, and interactive web and IT tools.