Another Brutal Racist Attack in Greece

Not only was Safraz Malik brutally attacked by a gang of racists, suspected of being members of Golden Dawn, he has been left untreated in Evangelismos hospital for 10 days! He suffered a broken jaw and is in desperate need of an operation but the hospital has failed to treat him.
This seems to have been a well-organised attack.

A kitchen employee, Malik was returning home from work on a public bus when a fellow passenger, whom he had noticed the previous night observing him on the same bus, struck up a conversation with him. Among others, the man asked him where he was from and whether he’d ever been attacked by Golden Dawn. When they got off at their stop, the man asked Malik to wait while he made a telephone call, telling him that he had some people who wanted to meet him. Very quickly, four individuals appeared on the scene, dragged Malik to a spot close to the nearby Gravas school on Resis street, where they proceeded to beat him. All of his attackers were wearing black clothing, the trademark colour of the assault gangs associated with the neonazi Golden Dawn party.

Why is there no mention of this in the national press? A warning to people that this is how this gang are operating. To prevent other attacks happening. Please read the full article on ENET.

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