Asian ghetto notion dispelled by survey

Claims that British Asian communities are forming ghettos, especially in troubled areas of the north of England, are challenged today by one of the biggest surveys held into ethnic minority housing trends.

Researchers in Leeds and Bradford dismissed as “myth-making” the charge that Muslim communities did not want to mix with other groups.

Data from 435 Asian households and interviews with scores of other respondents, including local estate agents, showed a much more traditional pattern of gradual prosperity encouraging moves into suburbs and away from “one-culture” streets.

“Following the riots last summer, both the press and politicians talked about ‘divided worlds’ and ‘communities living in parallel’,” said Deborah Phillips of Leeds University, who led the joint project with Warwick and London South Bank universities. “Some segregation does exist, in terms of where people live and are schooled, but this was painted as completely negative, with the Asian communities accused of not wanting to integrate. Our study has shown this is not the case.”

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