Award-winning novelist Sunny Singh felt ‘treated like a criminal’ after reporting racial abuse

AN award-winning novelist and academic claims she was “treated like a criminal” by police after being the victim of a racist attack in Belsize Park.

Sunny Singh, 45, was walking home with her brother and a friend following a night out in Tufnell Park on Friday when they were approached by a man acting aggressively.

She says he shouted racial slurs at the group, who were on their way back from a Bollywood-themed Club Kali event, before chasing them down Fleet Road.

Ms Singh, a senior English lecturer at London Metropolitan University, told the New Journal how, as they had tried to discuss a plan of escape between themselves in Hindi, the man told them: “This is England, speak in English”, before adding, “I hope your families die in drone attacks”, “Paki c****” and “Paki b****** suck my d***”.

The man then punched Ms Singh’s brother, splitting his lip open, before running away. The group  rang the police who arrived at the scene in a car shortly after.

Belsize Park resident Ms Singh, who moved to London in 2005 after working as a journalist in Mexico, Chile and South Africa, said they were “shocked and upset” to find that the officers were “aggressive” towards them, accusing her brother of being drunk, criticising them for being 50 yards away from the scene of the incident, and refusing to let her and her female friend sit in the car for “insurance reasons”.

She said it had destroyed her “confidence” in the Met’s commitment to helping victims of racism.

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