Big Brother: Ofcom receives 1,225 complaints about racist abuse

Channel 5‘s Big Brother is facing a string of investigations by Ofcomafter more than 1,200 complaints about incidents including a black contestant being called a gorilla and housemates labelled retards.

The media regulator is investigating three incidents, which have attracted a total of 1,225 complaints, to see they breach the UK broadcasting code.

The incident that prompted the most complaints from viewers, a total of 1,108, involved housemate Conor McIntyre being abusive to Miss India UK title holder Deana Uppal.

McIntyre was warned about his behaviour by Big Brother, in which he used a string of expletives and called her a piece of shit. The incident occurred at 9.40pm on 25 June

The second incident involved housemate Caroline Wharram calling Adam Kelly, a black contestant, a “ridiculous gorilla … with no sanitation”.

Ofcom received 114 complaints from viewers about the perceived racial slur, which occurred on 28 June at 10.25pm.

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