Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit closes

Last week volunteers and supporters watched as Maxie Hayles, the group chairman, and two board members signed papers for the Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit (BRAMU) to be officially taken off the register of companies at Companies House.

BRAMU was founded in 1989, and over the past 23 years it has dealt with over 30,000 inquiries and over 6,000 in the Birmingham and Sandwell areas of the West Midlands. “It is a source of tremendous disappointment for the whole community that the key organisation tackling racist attacks and hate crimes, including supporting victims, will no longer be there,” said Bishop Dr. Joe Aldred, secretary for Minority Ethnic Christian Affairs with Churches Together in England. “Since, sadly, racism shows little sign of being eradicated from British society, one wonders where support will come from for the hundreds of cases per annum that have and clearly will continue to need support.”

BRAMU  has become the latest victim of funding cuts which has race monitoring units in places such as Greenwich and Liverpool close.

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