BNP campaign derailed as webmaster withdraws services

The British National Party website remains moribund following a dispute between the party and its webmaster. Simon Bennett removed the website on Tuesday evening alleging “theft” by the party of his design work and content. Although he restored the site shortly afterwards, no new editorial content or user comments have been posted since.

He has also taken action to close the BNP’s Twitter feed and Facebook pages to the public.

In a longer statement Bennett complained he had been left to carry the can over a misconceived publicity stunt by Nick Griffin, the BNP leader, in which an image of a jar of Marmite was added to a version of the party’s election broadcast placed on the BNP website. Bennett was served an injunction by Unilever, while, he claims, “those that were responsible went to ground for four days leaving me to stew in my own fear and uncertainty”.

Bennett reveals that Jim Dowson was behind the misconceived attempt to generate publicity and funds and that Griffin and Dowson now expected him to “lie through my teeth in order to bail them out of a ridiculous hole they had dug themselves into”, something he refused to do.

He also confirmed what Searchlight has been saying for over a year, namely that Dowson has worked himself into a position in which he “owns” the BNP, claiming that Dowson is paid “£120,000+ per year … from your donations”.

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