Cameron links multi-culturalism to security

The prime minister’s tests of Britishness, set out in Munich on Saturday, include believing in and working for “equal rights regardless of race, sex or sexuality” and that “to belong here is to believe in these things”. I’m not sure if I’m more worried for certain British Muslims, or for arch-critics of efforts to achieve these values, such as Norman Tebbit and Richard Littlejohn. Littlejohn declared not to be British by a Tory prime minister – you couldn’t make it up.

David Cameron blames the toleration of such views among Muslims on multiculturalism, which in turn has led to the enduring terrorist threat against the UK from within. It is a nonsense argument, but let us pause for a bit of context and demonstrate some fairness to the PM. This year is the 10th anniversary of the 11 September attacks on the US that started the war on terror. In the past decade, it is not entirely clear that the west has become any safer, nor that al-Qaida has become any weaker.

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