Church apologises after ‘blacking up’ white mannequin for charity display

A church has apologised after using a ‘blacked up’ white mannequin in a display promoting Christian Aid week.

The model, holding a black baby doll, was installed in a window display at the Maidstone United Reformed Church in Maidstone, Kent, on Friday and was taken down yesterday after complaints.

The model was holding a black baby doll. Credit: SWNS

One onlooker saw a woman putting a white mannequin in the window before using brown varnish to paint it.

I saw a woman putting it together on Friday lunchtime. She seemed like a normal, nice, well-meaning lady.

But then when I came back from getting a sandwich I saw her stood there painting this white mannequin with varnish.

I couldn’t believe it – it’s so inappropriate. I can’t believe anybody would think that’s a good idea in this day and age.

It looks like they could find a black baby doll but didn’t have a black mannequin so used something to make it darker.


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