Cohesion Minister launches new report about chinese victims of racism

Chinese community subject to substantial levels of racist hostility and assault

The report titled “Hidden from Public View” was commissioned by The Monitoring Group’s project Min Quan. It will be launched by Cohesion Minister Sadiq Khan MP later today in Chinatown

Contributions from guest speakers including the authors of the report, Chinese community organisations and practitioners supporting Chinese victim of violent racism
“really being beaten by 22 youths. They used stones and fists to beat my husband … and forceful verbal attack. After this incident, my husband lost his ability to work. Because of this we became bankrupt.”

“at 2 am five white youths and one dard youth broke the glass of the main door … son questioned them and got beaten badly. I told them not to do so and was beaten so badly I passed out.”
The research has discovered that people of Chinese origin are disproportionately represented as race crime victims, and are may be exposed to higher levels of racism than many other minority groups. Focus groups and in-depth interviews were conducted in Manchester, London and Southampton. The study revealed that most people had experienced multiple nuisances including screaming, swearing, theft, abuse, intimidation and property damage. The abuse not only led to physical harm but also long-lasting psychological and emotional trauma. If allowed to persist, the report concluded that there would be an adverse effect on community cohesion and a weakening of the trust between Chinese people and the wider UK white population.
The report raises serious questions on the lack of community’s confidence in some of agencies charged with dealing with the problem of racism and consequently makes a series of recommendations that, if implemented, would make a qualitative and positive difference for Chinese and other victims of race crimes. On top of their actual day-to-day experience of racism, the Chinese communities suffer from negatives myths and stereotypes. There is also a failure to acknowledge the significant contribution the Chinese community make to the social, economic and cultural life of the UK. The combination of all these factors have made the lives of many Chinese people in the UK subject to fear, anxiety and insecurity.
Leiwen Chen of Min Quan said: “It is vital that the report is not shelved to gather dust and that the recommendations are implemented and taken forward by a Parliament, the Home Office and the Department for Communities and Local Government”

Note to Editors
1. The Monitoring Group Ltd. is a charitable organisation providing assistance and support to victims of racial harassment and domestic violence. We provide advice and casework support and run free legal advice surgeries for people requiring specialist legal advice from lawyers.  Our 24 hour Emergency Helpline Service  provides immediate help and support to victims of racial violence, police misconduct, and domestic violence.
2.  Min Quan is a project of The Monitoring Group that provides casework, advocacy and support services to victims of racial and domestic violence from the Chinese community. In 2006, TMG was awarded a strategic grant by the Home Office to develop Min Quan’s work in supporting the Chinese community nationwide. As a result, TMG Min Quan is a strategic partner with the Home Office and Department for Communities and Local Government.
3.  Min Quan commissioned the University of Hull with researchers also from the University of Leeds and Nottingham Trent University to explore the issue of racial harassment and violence against the UK Chinese population. �

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