Confronting Racism in the UK: A Return to Collective Principles

Thursday 6th September at 7pm Conway Hall, 

25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

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Recent public discourse on racism is becoming increasingly tribalised and focused on division. Following on from the Prevent legislation, the IHRA document on anti-semitism goes beyond previous use of the law in an attempt to silence public debate regarding the actions of a foreign country. In the process, the IHRA’s use of examples, and the political pressures to use them, would suppress discussion of an entire people’s struggle from the historical and public record, smearing those who wish to raise current and past human rights atrocities against the Palestinians.

This meeting brings together long-time anti-racist campaigners, from legal experts to organisers, including those who fought to establish institutional racism in law with the MacPherson case, to those challenging the silencing imposed by Prevent and the IHRA. Restoring fundamental anti-racist principles, this public meeting will discuss a common and universal approach to defeating division, and to strengthening and rallying the movement against rising racism. The meeting will draw on decades-old anti-racist principles and campaigns in the UK, whilst engaging a new generation mobilising to protect the fundamental rights of British citizens. Speakers will set out the new assault on democratic freedoms, in the repressive legislations from the ‘hostile environment’ policy to Prevent and the IHRA, and explore the routes to building a unified movement.

Speakers include:

Imran Khan QC – Imran Khan and Partners, and representative of the family of Stephen Lawrence

Suresh Grover – The Monitoring Group

Frances Webber – Human Rights lawyer and Vice-Chair of the Institute for Race Relations

Karma Nabulsi – University of Oxford

Huda Elmi – The Labour Party NEC

Akram Salhab – Migrants Organise

Elif Sarican – Kurdistan Students Union U.K. Coordinator and activist of the Kurdish Women’s Movement

More speakers to be confirmed

Due to very limited space, priority will be given to members of the supporting organisations. You will be contacted nearer the time to confirm the availability of your ticket.

For further information contact Suresh Grover at the Monitoring Group on 020 7582 7438


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