Conservative party is still racist, says a former adviser Derek Laud

A former Conservative party adviser and friend of David Cameron has launched a remarkable attack on the Conservative leader over his failure to defeat what he regards as the party’s racist attitude to immigration. Jamaica-born Derek Laud accuses the party of using “dog-whistle” tactics to appeal to voters. In a new book, The Problem with Immigrants, a celebration of the contribution of migrants to the UK over the centuries to be published later this month, Mr Laud berates the Conservative party for its 2013 “Go home or face arrest” posters, aimed at illegal immigrants, which emanated from the Home Office.

He says the attitude that allowed the approval of that ad “was essentially racist. [Cameron] knows it. We all know it.”

“It was a shocking example of how they use people for an advantage,” he says. “Immigrants are not taking our jobs, and nor are they disproportionately on benefits. There is no other party better at pointing the blame their way than the Tories. They are the ultimate racists because they deal in stereotypes.

Another example he cites is the treatment of Shaun Bailey, a black Tory candidate in west London in 2010, which he says was “crude” and “nasty”.

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