Corruption, Spying, Racism and Accountability: UK Policing in the 21st Century

Corruption, Spying, Racism and Accountability: UK Policing in the 21st Century

National Conference: London 6 and 7 February 2015

Download the full program here : Full program (pdf)

This 2-day conference will be a unique and formidable event seeking common ground, between families, community workers, journalists, academics, lawyers and affected communities, to understand and challenge the problem of police corruption, spying and racism.

The allegation of spying on the Stephen Lawrence family and its campaign has been repeated in a number of other high profile Black and Asian family justice campaigns, and in trade union and environmental campaigns. These revelations have spurred the Home Secretary to instigate a judge-led public inquiry into undercover policing and potentially police corruption.

There is also growing public alarm over the number of deaths in custody and the failure of the State to properly investigate and to hold the police to account for any wrongdoings.

For the first time in modern era, we have witnessed the sacking of a Chief Constable for gross misconduct and the investigation of more than ten senior officers for acts of alleged misconduct and corruption.

This conference takes as its starting point that there is a profound crisis in policing across the UK that requires us to share information and experiences, develop ideas and create new partnerships that will spur a momentum for genuine state accountability.

We have invited a powerful rich mix of speakers offering personal, social, and political and evidence based research accounts of policing in the 21st Century. They include: Janet Alder, Raju Bhatt, Professor Ben Bowling, Rosa Curling, Dr. Rebekah Delsol, Rob Evans, Suresh Grover, Dr. Jules Holroyd, Lee Jasper, Richard Garside, Professor Gus John, Imran Khan, Doreen Lawrence, Neville Lawrence, Lee Lawrence, John Mcdonnell MP, Will McMahon, Paul O’Connor, Sukhdev Reel, Rebecca Roberts, David Rose, Dr. Michael Shiner, Stafford Scott, Dave Smith, Helen Steel, Mark Thomas, Dr. Patrick Williams, and Dr. David Whyte.

This conference is co-organised by The Monitoring Group, the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, Imran Khan & Partners and Tottenham Rights and is part of series of events titled The State of the Nation – Racism & justice in the UK coordinated by The Monitoring Group, for further information please contact


To register please go to the Centre for Crime and Justice studies HERE





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