COVID-19 update : Racism against the Chinese community

Over the last few months, there has been an alarming rise in racism and racial attacks (verbal and physical) throughout the UK against British Chinese, East and Southeast Asian communities, including numerous international students. In this video, Bobby Chan from Min Quan and Ping Hua talk about the experiences of the community in recent weeks.

The situation has been inflamed by media misrepresentation, and the support to the community is sparse. As they explain, the media has racialised Covid-19, creating a climate of fear, anger and hatred towards British Chinese, East and Southeast Asian communities. The Sun and Mail on Sunday were amongst many papers who demonised China, as did Michael Gove during the Covid-19 daily briefing (Independent), to deflect criticism from the UK government’s failure to prepare appropriately for the pandemic.

The increase in racist attacks on British Chinese, East and Southeast Asian people follows almost of decade of government failure to tackle racism against the community. None of the recommendations of TMG’s report, ‘Hidden from Public View’, has been implemented.

Many British Chinese, East and Southeast Asians work in the NHS and social care sector as doctors, nurses, carers and other frontline staff. Many others have become NHS volunteers or joined neighbourhood support groups to shop for the elderly and other vulnerable people. Many also continue to experience racist abuse while working on the frontline.

As Ping explains, not even in the University are they safe from racialised comments. MIN QUAN is asking people to contact them or TMG to make sure people get support, and action is taken.

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