Southall Inspires

The communities of Southall once inspired a whole generation to struggle against racism nationally. We remained united despite suffering, at first hand, bussing of school children, low wages and discriminatory practices by employers, provocative fascist marches into the town, police violence and government indifference.

It is Southall where the first Asian and Carribbean workers took action to secure their future, where the Youth Movement was born, where Asian and Caribbean women began to organize for their rights, where pioneer Bhangra bands were formed, and where the first temples were built.

The reality is that race equality legislation and policies were secured after decades of campaigning by communities such as Southall, and by families affected by violent and institutional racism. The current Government is now eroding these hard won gains. Drastic economic cuts to public services and benefit are already affecting the African, Caribbean and Asian communities disproportionality. For the first time, in many decades, there is now the bleak and dangerous prospect of another generation of young people being condemned to a life on the margins, excluded from mainstream society and possibly suffering rates of discrimination in employment, education, housing, health and criminal justice worse than their parents.

Inspire Southall is an independent local alliance established to inspire people to action and discussion. It will also use social media to report on important events as they unfold and reclaim our heritage by providing information our cultural, political and social history by interviewing leaders and participants of historical and current events.