Czech far-right leader Tomio Okamura urges citizens to walk pigs near mosques to defend country from Islam

A Czech politician has urged his countrymen to walk pigs near mosques in Muslim neighbourhoods and boycott kebab parlours to protest against radical Islam.

Tomio Okamura, the head of the far-right Dawn of Direct Democracy party, listed a series of actions he claimed are necessary to protect the Czech way of life from Islam, in a lengthy Facebook posting that was slammed as hateful by the government.

The Japanese-born 42-year-old claimed that, to protect the legacy of their ancestors, Czechs should “breed dogs and piglets as pets and walk them near their neighbourhoods and mosques”.

Other suggestions included boycotting restaurants offering halal meals and Muslim-run stores as he claimed such purchase indirectly funded “the expansion of Islam”.

“Each kebab we buy is funding for another Burka,” Okamura wrote. “How will your wife be able to eat if she has to wear a scarf on her face?”

The politician said that such protest actions were not moved by Islamophobia, adding that Muslims needed to be reminded that they were guests in the country.

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