Did the New Cross fire create a black British identity?

On 18 January 1981, 13 black youngsters died in a London house fire which some feared may have been a racist arson attack, prompting a vocal outpouring of grief from Britain’s Afro-Caribbean communities.

Thirty years on, what is the legacy of the New Cross fire and what does it tell us about changes in British society?

Yvonne Ruddock’s 16th birthday party was supposed to be a happy occasion.

But instead of celebrating her young life, it marked the end of it.

And she was not alone – 12 others perished and they were all aged between 14 and 22.

One of them was George Francis’s 17-year-old son, Gerry.

Time has not proved to be much of a healer. His voice cracking with emotion, he recalls the “bright young man” who had been the youngest of his four children – the “baby of the family”.

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