Dudley mosque battle bill hits £1.7m

Dudley mosque battle bill hits £1.7m

The amount covers the lengthy legal battle as well as security and policing costs for demonstrations in the town.

It comes as Dudley Council said it faced a £10,000 bill for security costs after the latest far-right protest in the town.

Britain First held a controversial protest in Dudley on Saturday – barely three months after the English Defence League demonstrated for the third time.

Fewer protesters than expected arrived on the day but many traders still closed up early or shut completely fearing trouble.

West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson today hit out at protesters for landing the authorities with large bills.

“There wasn’t a huge financial cost of policing the march on Saturday as there has been previously, but officers from across the region and other parts of Dudley and the Black Country had to police the protest in the town centre rather than getting on with their local policing duties on that day,” he said. “Local policing in the rest of Dudley and the rest of the West Midlands has suffered as a result.

“Traders will have lost huge amounts in takings from what should have been a busy Saturday in Dudley town centre.”

In February, Dudley Council had to spend £25,000 on security measures and clean up costs for the EDL protest.

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