Election focus on immigration ‘threatens to deepen social rifts’

Britain’s religious, racial and community relations may be in peril during a general election campaign likely to be dominated by debates about Europe and immigration, an independent think tank has warned.

Only a quarter of the electorate believes Britain will come through the 2015 election campaign maintaining good community relations, according to a report by British Future, entitled Year of Uncertainty, State of the Nation.

The think tank warns: “Uncertainty about the outcome of an election is a good thing in a democracy. Uncertainty about whether we can handle having the debate, however, is not. “Migration sceptics have spent a lot of time saying that we’re not allowed to talk about immigration. Now that we are all talking about it, they need to make sure that we do so in a civilised way.”

The result of the general election is still far from certain, with no party able to persuade more than 17% of the electorate to commit to saying they will “definitely” vote for them, according to polling run by ICM and commisioned by British Future.

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