Europe’s Swing to the “Right” Attacks Austerity, Immigration

The Ukrainian coup de‘etat against its incumbent President Viktor Yanukovych indicates a more prevalent European Union shift to the Far Right, as such nations as France, Italy, Hungary, Norway, Holland, and non-aligned Switzerland, have polled the emergence of a growing antipathy toward the “socialization” that has been manifest in Europe generally since the second half of th 20th century. Although Ukraine’s complicated internals tell a separate story, its ultra-nationalist leanings fit in with a shift to the reemerging virus.

Further analysis indicates that such Neo-Fascist movements as France’s National Front, and Hungary’s Jobbik Movement are squarely aimed at the massive immigration from the Mideast and Africa that have engendered growing resentment by the indigenous traditional Europeans, blaming immigration for the punishing austerity.

Although the Ukranian confrontation is more reflective of religio-cultural splits, it is also revealing the ultra-nationalist antagonism that collaborated with the Nazis early during the Russian invasion, and generated years of sizable rebellion against the Soviet overlords in the late 1940′s.

With the once mighty European world leadership reduced to a shrinking global power position, these developments are aggravated by a sub-standard economic recovery, which growing nationalist movements blame on the “infestation” of foreign elements. These are mainly Islamists and are blamed for the austerity instigated by their ostensible inability or undesirability to integrate into the White, Western, Christian majority. This problem is increasingly pronounced in the United Kingdom, France and Scandinavia, needing only a major spark to set off violence, as has appeared in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and threatens to engulf the largest of former Soviet Republics.

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