Ex-Daily Star reporter ‘gets hate messages’

Police are investigating a claim that a journalist who resigned from the Daily Star has become the victim of harassment.

Richard Peppiatt resigned in protest at what he alleged was the newspaper’s anti-Muslim “hatemongering”. His resignation letter, in which he confessed to making up stories during his two years at the tabloid, received widespread attention after it was disseminated via Twitter.

Peppiatt contacted police on Monday after he claimed to have received more than 30 abusive texts, emails and silent calls. He alleges they included warnings such as: “I am going to meet u now, pepps” and “you’re nowe a marked man till the day you die – Oh dear”. Another said: “we are planning a kiss n’ tell on you”.

Detectives are reviewing the messages and seeking to establish their origin. Peppiatt told them there is circumstantial evidence that a “likely source” may be connected to the Daily Star newsroom, although he concedes there is no firm evidence. He also expressed concern to them that his phone may have been hacked.

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