Far Right Britain First Party ‘Invade’ East London Mosque

Police were called to a mosque in London after members of the far-right Britain First party “invaded” the building and handed out Christian leaflets and bibles.

Eyewitnesses described seeing a group of four wearing matching uniforms, described as “green activist jackets” by Britain First, entering the building before handing out bibles and asking to speak to the Imam.

The four memebers could then be seen leaving the East London Mosque in Whitechapel and driving away in a car. The group described how they “invaded” the mosque on their official Facebook group page.

It is the third incident in recent weeks in which the group, made up of former members of the BNP, have entered mosques across the UK. Members of the party have also staged “Christian patrols” in East London whereby they hand Christian leaflets to local Muslims and staged protests by drinking alcohol outside of mosques.

Metropolitan Police said no arrests have been made in the latest incident.

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