Far right marches cost West Midlands Police £415k

In February a march by the EDL cost £321,000 to police bringing the total bill for all three to £414,700.

Richard Costello, spokesman for West Midlands police and crime commissioner, David Jamieson, said managing the protesters pulled resources from neighbourhood policing.

“As well as the monetary cost of these protests there is a huge cost to local policing,” he said. “The protests in Dudley mean that police have to focus their efforts there instead of on local policing in the West Midlands and the rest of Dudley.

“Ordinary people in Dudley are clearly weary of these constant protests and are fed-up with the effect they are having on their local policing.

“We would much rather that this money was spent on other things, but we have no choice other than to facilitate protests that are peaceful.

“We are pleased that costs have gone down, but would much rather that we didn’t have to spend the money at all.”

The latest figures, published in response to a Freedom of Information request, add to the spiralling spending surrounding plans for a new mosque on land off Hall Street.

The overall bill now tops £1.8 million when including costs for two EDL rallies in 2010 and legal fees paid out by Dudley Council and the Dudley Muslim Association (DMA).

This year alone the council spent £45,000 on security and clearing up after the three protests in the town.

See full report here http://www.expressandstar.com/news/2015/08/24/far-right-marches-cost-west-midlands-police-415k/


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