Farage claims Ukip may have common ground with France’s Front National

Nigel Farage has said Ukip may have enough “common fronts” with France’s Front National to vote with the party and other Eurosceptic groups to block legislation in Brussels.

In advance of this week’s European elections, the Ukip leader said there was a possibility that anti-EU parties of “varying shades” from left to right will have more than a third of the seats in the European parliament, which would allow them to form a “blocking minority”.

Farage has promised that Ukip will not enter any formal alliance withMarine Le Pen‘s Front National, which he has criticised for “anti-semitism and general prejudice” but his comments suggest he is expecting the two parties to find themselves on the same side of many Eurosceptic battles.

Ukip is predicting that it will come first in today’s European vote, and it is far from the only Eurosceptic party running high in the polls across the continent.

Farage said there was a “possibility, not a probability, that there will be enough MEPs of a sceptical persuasion in the next parliament to have a blocking minority”.

When it was pointed out that Ukip does not agree with the Front National on many issues, he said: “The fact you don’t agree with the Front National – and the fact the Front National sit in that group and there’ll be Communists from Greece, who are Eurosceptics sitting in that group – the point is is there may be common fronts on legislation coming through the parliament that gives more power to the centre. That’s where there will be agreement.

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