Fears grow among Muslims in Sweden after fourth racist attack on a mosque

Another attack has been carried out against a mosque in Sweden by extremists amid growing tensions over the rise of an anti-immigration far right movement, according to İhlas News Agency.

Swedish police have confirmed that a masjid – a place of worship for Muslims – was attacked by extremist groups late on Thursday. They have launched an investigation into the incident. Some unidentified radicals reportedly broke the windows of the mosque—which is located in Mariestad—and threw pieces of pork inside.

Police reports also indicated that there were offensive and racist writings on the walls of the mosque.

A Muslim citizen named Ahmed Zay expressed discontent over the latest incidents targeting the Muslim community in the country. Speaking on behalf of the Muslims residing in the country, he said they had begun to fear.

Three mosques were attacked by arsonists in Eskilstuna, Eslov and Uppsala in the last three weeks before the latest assault. Mosques across Sweden have become the target of extremist groups, threatening the security of the Muslim community. The most violent attack occurred in the southeastern town of Eskilstuna. Some arsonists set fire to a building that serves as a mosque. Reports claim that there were around 20 people inside the mosque when the fire erupted.

The attacks have not only been confined to Sweden. A mosque in the 21st district of the Austrian capital of Vienna was vandalized roughly two weeks ago when a pig’s nose and tripe were hung on the door.

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