24 Hour Helpline

We receive over 1,000 calls each year

The Helpline has been a essential life for victim of racial violence since 1980

The Helpline is run entirely with the support of volunteers

If you need help call us on 0800 374 618

TMG is best known for its casework and Helpline service. Indeed these were one of the early drivers for the creation of TMG. In 1980 the Ealing Family Support Group would sit with families facing racial harassment both to provide support and record the incidents.

At that time, Ealing like other authorities would not acknowledge the existence of racial harassment, not would they do anything to tackle the problem. Much has changed over the past 30 years, and now most local authorities now have procedures to tackle racism, and some has out of hour reporting schemes in place. Yet, the demand for our services is still high.

Each year TMG helps over 1,000 people through its Freephone Helpline, and over 400 through its casework service. Both services are recognised for the quality of its work, and meet the Quality standards set by the Legal Services Commission and the Telephone Helplines Association.