Four far right fascists found guilty of events in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

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Date: 15 December 2016, for immediate release

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Statement from the Rotherham 12 Defence Campaign

Four far right fascists found guilty of events in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

The convictions of four far-right fascists a few hours ago at Sheffield Crown Court for Violent Disorder is a vindication for everything our campaign has stood for, especially the right of self-defence for a victimised community facing real and present danger from violent far right activists. This is in stark contrast to the acquittal of all the 10 Asian defendants in the previous trial arising from the same incident of 5th September 2015.

On that day the situation was made worse by the failure of the South Yorkshire Police who left the vulnerable local Asian community without protection and led them in harms way. Had it not been for the bravery of local community, the day could have ended in the tragedy of another racist murder of a member of our community.

Given the verdicts delivered by a jury, our call for an Independent Inquiry and the immediate suspension of officers in charge (including Chief Inspector Butterworth who held Silver Command that day) of the events that can no longer be ignored. It is in the interests of every Rotherham citizen to move forward. The starting point would be for the authorities to start listening to our legitimate concerns and stop ignoring our voices. The good people of Rotherham want peace restored to the town, they are acutely aware that real peace is not simply the absence of conflict but the presence of justice. They deserve nothing less.


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