Gypsy family home the target of petrol attack

A gypsy couple say they are living in fear after petrol was emptied over the front of their Yeovil home in the early hours of Tuesday.

Graham Holloway, 37, of Matthews Road, was in bed with his partner Cassie Russell, 30, when he heard a noise at the front of his home at around 2am. When he investigated, he found petrol from a can which had been stored at the side of his house had been poured over the building.

Mr Holloway believes the incident is the latest in a series of alleged acts of “hate crime” against the couple who come from a gypsy background.

He added: “Over the past couple of years we have had a lot of crime against us because we are gypsies and it may be linked to that. They may not have intended to set fire to it.

“People call us ‘dirty gypsies’ or ‘dirty pikeys’. I’ve had my car smashed up.

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