Hate crime in England and Wales

Hate crime a much bigger problem than it seems? While the police record just under 43,000 hate crimes a year – about 1% of all recorded crimes – another source suggests that the real figure could be more than six times that amount.

There are two main methods for testing the amount of hate crime each year, with one of those being the offences recorded by police. The other is the Crime survey for England and Wales (CSEW), which tries to gauge the number of crimes both reported and unreported.

The Home Office published a report today looking at both of these sources. They are not directly comparable as the police figures are based on financial years and the sample sizes of the CSEW are so small that they have to combine 2011-12 and 2012-13 figures to give a yearly average.

Nevertheless, the CSEW suggests that there are actually about 278,000 hate crimes a year, which is way above the number recorded by the police.

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