Zahid Mubarek

Murdered by a racist, failed by a racist system

Zahid Mubarek, 19, was killed by Stewart, 20, in the early hours of March 21 2000, five hours before he was due to be released after serving 40 days for handling stolen goods.

Stewart had been in custody almost constantly for three years and had a history of mental health problems, violence against fellow prisoners and disruption. He was on remand on a charge of sending racially motivated malicious communications, an offence under the Harassment Act. He wrote hundreds of racist letters in which he revered the killers of Stephen Lawrence, fantasised about planting nail bombs and predicted the murder of his cell mate. He had scrawled KKK on a board in his cell. But he was allocated the same cell as Zahid Mubarek..why and how was this allowed to happen?

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