I fear saboteurs in the Met didn’t want me to catch Stephen Lawrence’s killers

For me, it was like being let loose in a sweet shop. An old police station was closing down and I’d volunteered to have a look at their old files.

One room after another was filled with boxes full of ‘ongoing’ cases.

But it was the final room that drew my attention, piled high with cartons labelled Operation Fishpool: 540 of them.

In the recesses of Deptford Police Station in South London, I’d stumbled across the acres of paperwork generated by the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

It was then 13 years since the black teenager had been brutally stabbed to death at a bus stop. Despite a sizeable murder team, the initial investigation had failed to nail a single suspect — and his parents, Doreen and Neville Lawrence, had protested bitterly.

Since then, there’d been ten further police investigations into Stephen’s murder, all with increasing budgets — and all with exactly the same result.

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