London: Racist and religious hate crime up 26%

The Metropolitan Police service arrested almost 2,000 suspected gang members across London last year while racist and religious hate crime rocketed by nearly 26%.

Figures released by the force show that more than 1,910 gang members were arrested during the 2014/15 financial year with judges meting out jail sentences of more than 1,418 years for gang-related crime.

Met detectives have targeted organised crime across the capital and between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015, a further 1,393 gang members were made subject to judicial restrictions including injunctions, ASBOs, electronic tagging or managed under licence. There are currently 1,023 gang members in custody.

While the force has clamped down on gangs, overall crime in London increased. Racist and religious hate crime has increased by 25.7%, although the Met believes new crime recording and a growing willingness of victims to report hate crime is behind the hike.

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