‘Mark Duggan – The Final Judgement?’

Mark Duggan – The Complete Picture

The family, friends and supporters of The Justice 4 Mark Duggan Campaign are holding a Pubic Meeting on

October 4th, 2014 from 5pm-8pm at North London Community Centre, 22 Moorefield Road, Tottenham. N17 6PY

Speakers include : Carole Duggan (Mark’s aunt), Shaun Hall (Mark’s brother), Fidel Santigi (Justice$Mark), and Staff Scott (Tottenham Rights). Contributions from the families of Cynthia Jarett, Joy Gardener and Roger Sylvester, and also Linton Kwesi Johnson and Borther Wancee


As the world awaits the outcome of the Judicial Review into the inquest verdict of ‘Lawful Killing’ of Mark Duggan, his family have discovered that the jury, in the initial Inquest into his killing, were NOT given ALL of the relevant facts.

Through their own investigations the family have discovered a number of KEY issues upon which the jury was MISLED and LIED to by the MPS at the Inquest. They may say that a Judicial Review is the end of the judicial process, but the family have a number of questions tat still remain unanswered.



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