Mark Duggan was holding phone as he was shot by police, inquest hears

Mark Duggan had his hands up and was “most definitely” clutching a mobile phone rather than a gun when he was shot by a police marksman standing just a few feet away, the inquest into his death heard.

Duggan, whose fatal shooting on 4 August 2011 triggered riots across England, died after being pursued through north London by police officers acting on intelligence that he had acquired a gun and was a major player in a violent gang.

The marksman who shot him has told the inquest that Duggan threatened him twice with a gun after police stopped the minicab in which he was travelling.

On Tuesday, however, the inquest at the high court in London was repeatedly told that Duggan had been holding a phone and not a gun when he was shot.

Giving evidence to the inquest, a man referred to as Witness B said he had been at his home in a block of flats overlooking Ferry Lane in Tottenham when he had heard a commotion on the street below at around 6.10pm on the day in question.

“I heard a couple of tyres screeching and I heard shouting as well,” he said. “The shouting was either: ‘Put it down!’ or ‘Get down!'”

On the street below, he said, he saw four cars – including a people carrier minicab – as well as armed police officers and a man he later learnt was Mark Duggan.

He said Duggan had tried to run away towards Tottenham Hale, but had got no further than a car’s length away when he saw an armed police officer and turned around.

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