Mother of police shooting victim awaits inquest

In April 2005 an unarmed man was shot dead by police as he sat in the back of a car in north London. Four years later Azelle Rodney’s mother is still waiting for an inquest to be held.

Since her son’s death, she has read newspaper articles claiming he was a “crack dealer” and a “drug baron”.

An inquest has never been held because the police have refused to release details of the intelligence – thought to be from a phone tap – on which they were acting.

This led to a national debate about whether “secret inquests” should be allowed, to prevent information being revealed about phone-tapping methods.

A year ago Justice Minister Jack Straw dropped plans for secret inquests and next month the Coroner’s Bill comes back before Parliament with campaigners hoping to insert a clause which would allow the Azelle Rodney inquest to go ahead.

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