Nazi salute man arrested

A tattooed drinker was caught doing Nazi salutes in a pub, despite already being banned from making racist gestures under an Asbo, a jury heard today.

John Hennigan, 46, was allegedly spotted making the fascist salute by a landlord at the bar of the Magpie pub in Bishopsgate, London. When he was challenged and thrown out of the bar, Hennigan complained it would not happen if he was black or Jewish, a court heard.

Despite being barred from the premises twice before for making Nazi salutes, Hennigan, from Harlow, Essex, came into the pub around 5pm as workers flocked there to have a post-work tipple.

Pub landlord, Paul MacCallion, was upstairs in his office doing paperwork when he noticed Hennigan on the CCTV screen, the Old Bailey heard.


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