Neo-Nazi civil servant couple sing racist songs for Hungarian hate mob

A British husband and wife are at the heart of a far-right group proclaiming violence against Syrian refugees about to arrive in the UK.

Civil servants Christopher and Debra Lewis are activists in a neo-Nazi organisation called Blood and Honour.

We tracked the couple from their home in Swansea to Budapest, where they performed with their extremist rock band Redneck 28.

The couple were seen being warmly welcomed at the event at a rundown bikers’ club on the outskirts of the city last Saturday.

Shaven-headed and heavily tattooed Lewis plays the banjo and is the lead singer. Wife Debra, 39, plays the drums.

Their guitarist is dad-of-two Bryan Powell, 46, also from Swansea.

The band’s toxic song lyrics include: “This is our land in which we are proud, we will stand and fight and raise our right hand, Seig Heil, Seig Heil.”

Confirming their close links to far-right extremism, Lewis, 52, brazenly told our investigators: “I’d be a fool to deny it but I need my name left out of it. I need to keep myself protected.”


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