Neonazis ‘play football with our heads’

Javed Aslam, president of the country’s Pakistani community, alleges that in many cases when victims of racist assaults try to report attacks, they are dismissed by police officers.

Nine hundred migrants have fallen victim to neonazi attacks in the last three years, the head of the country’s Pakistani community has claimed, also accusing police of generally refusing to record racist incidents and, in one case, of joining in on a racist attack by Golden Dawn thugs.

In an interview with Monday’s issue of Eleftherotypia, Javed Aslam said neonazis have “played football with our heads” in scores of incidents that are rarely reported in the media or to the police.

Based on written testimony, Aslam says that in the Nikea district – near to where 34-year-old Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by a Golden Dawn member last week – there have been many incidents where a group of 20-30 Greek nationals pick out a Pakistani individual to attack, before setting on him and kicking his head around while “laughing and cursing”.

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