New insight into India-loving ‘racist’ Enoch Powell

A new book has tried to unravel an enigma called Enoch Powell, the late Conservative leader who was a scholar, statesman, arch-rebel, philosopher and poet, but achieved infamy with his famous ‘Rivers of blood’ speech that added ‘racist’ to his many descriptions.

Best known for his emotive 1968 ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech delivered in Birmingham, in which he warned of the effects of mass immigration, Powell (1912-1998) saw his political career blighted by the speech, dismissed from the Conservative party, and for most of his later life, was a political untouchable.

An India-lover who was posted in Delhi for Military Intelligence in 1945, Powell was also a linguist, learnt Urdu in India, but returned to London to become an outspoken critic of immigration from India and the Commonwealth as he saw his constituency, Wolverhampton, transformed by waves of immigrants.

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