Nick Griffin: Gentile liberals exploit Holocaust

The leader of a far-right British political party recently said he was disgusted by the way non-Jewish liberals exploit the Holocaust  “to use as a moral club” to prevent a reasonable discussion about immigration.

Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, accused a radio host of attempting to link him with Holocaust denial in the public mind, Britain’s Telegraph reported Wednesday.

“I’ve expressed in very strong terms dismay and disgust at the way gentile liberals and lefties, such as yourself, exploit things which happened many decades ago to use as a moral club to prevent a proper sensible discussion about immigration now, which is what you are doing again,” Griffin told BBC Radio 4 host Justin Webb. “What you are trying to do is set the British public as Pavlovian dogs so when they hear Nick Griffin they think the Holocaust. It’s a wicked disgrace.”

Griffin admits to having called the Holocaust “utter nonsense” and has written for magazines that describe the Holocaust as a hoax. He was convicted of incitement to racial hatred and given a two-year suspended prison sentence in 1997.

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