Monday 3rd March

Central Criminal Court
Old Bailey
London      EC4M 7EH

9am to 11am

and then every monday lunchtime 1pm to 2.30pm whilst trial continues

nickyjacobswebNicky Jacobs is the SEVENTH person to have been arrested and charged with the murder of PC Blakelock who was killed during the ‘uprising’ on Broadwater Farm in October 1985. The uprising took place because of the killing of Cynthia Jarrett, a local Black woman and mother of 5 children, during a police raid on her home on October 5th 1985.

The 6 people originally charged were known as the Tottenham SIX, 3 juveniles and 3 adults were put on trial for Blakelock’s murder at the Old Bailey in March 1987. During the trial the judge, Lord Chief Justice Hodgson, dismissed the charges against the 3 juveniles.

The 3 adults, Winston Silcott, Mark Braithwaite and Engin Raghip were not afforded such protection by the judge and all were found guilty of murder and imprisoned for LIFE.

In November 1991 the convictions against the 3 adults were finally quashed after scientific evidence, ESDA tests, proved conclusively that Winston Silcott, who had been the main target of the police investigation, had been framed by the senior officers in charge of the investigation, Det. Chief Sup Melvin and DCI Dingle.

Both of these bent officers were charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, Melvin was further charged with perjury. Both were later to be acquitted of these charges in the most bizarre and disgraceful court case to take place in a British court of law.

Since this time there have been a number of new investigations & reviews into Blakelock’s murder. The most recent investigation has been ongoing for 10 years. As a result several youths from Tottenham were held on bail for over 3 years whilst the police sought to find indisputable forensic evidence linking them to the PCs murder. Failing that they have returned to their default position of seeking to find a scapegoat.

Today that person is Nicky Jacobs. We cannot allow another innocent person to be scapegoated for this crime. Join Us and support Nicky.

Download the leaflet here  nicky jacobs leaflet

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