Oldham lost deposit adds to BNP woes

The British National Party achieved its worst ever vote in Oldham East and Saddleworth yesterday, failing to save its deposit for the first time since it started contesting elections in the constituency in 2001.

The party’s 1,560 votes and fifth place, some way behind the UK Independence Party, will add to the long list of problems faced by Nick Griffin, the leader of the beleaguered party.

Derek Adams, the party’s candidate, had hoped to capitalise on his ejection from the platform of a hustings meeting at which only candidates from the three main parties had been invited to speak, claiming he had been censored. The BNP also tried to exploit last week’s investigation by The Times of “street grooming” of young teenage girls in the north of England by predominantly Muslim men.

Over the past few days the BNP website has carried several reports on how well the campaign was going, coupled with appeals to donate money to fund it. What has been most noticeable on the ground, however, is the almost total absence of local party activists. The Oldham BNP branch has largely collapsed over the past few years and those who have remained appear to have boycotted the campaign in protest at the party’s imposition of Adams as the candidate over Anita Corbett, a local activist.

As a result the campaign has been run by Clive Jefferson, the party’s moronic national elections officer and national treasurer, who has had to bus in supporters from his home turf in Cumbria. He has been helped by Adam Walker, the party’s “manager”, from Spennymoor, Co Durham. Both are members of Griffin’s staff paid by the European Parliament.

see report here http://www.hopenothate.org.uk/news/article/1797/Oldham-lost-deposit-adds-to-BNP-woes

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