One in five black students have been victims of hate crime during current studies

One in five black students have been the victim of at least one racial hate incident during their current studies according to an NUS survey.

The findings come after Crown Prosecution Service figures in February showed an increase in hate crime and nearly half (48%) of Asian and Asian British students to the NUS survey reported fear about being subject to racial prejudice. 42% of reported incidents took place in and around educational institutions. More than half (54%) of the victims of race hate incidents surveyed had considered leaving their courses as a result.

No Place for Hate: race and ethnicity, is the fourth in a series of research reports funded by the Home Office which analyses responses from over 9000 students across further and higher education.

The report calls on universities and colleges to take an active role in making campuses safer for potential targets of hate crime.

NUS black students’ officer Kanja Sesay said: “Racially motivated hate crimes have not gone away and universities cannot afford to turn a blind eye any longer.

“There are already significant barriers to going to university for Black students and if universities refuse to acknowledge that these problems exist on their campuses then those barriers will grow.”

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