One in six young people are NEET

UB40 sang about 1in 10, well today one in six young people aged 16 to 24-years-old were not in education, employment or training at the end of June this year, according to the Department for Education statistics.

The government figures showed there were 968,000 young people not in education, employment or training (Neet) in June which is the second highest rate in June for more than 10 years.  There was also a rise in 16 to 18 year old Neets.

Shadow education minister Karen Buck said there was an increase of 100,000 young people not in education, employment or training since the 2010 General Election and that the government was allowing the talents of too many young people to go to waste.

“Now more than ever, we need to ensure our young people have the right skills, experience and opportunities to progress in education or the workplace,” she said.

Purposeful activity such as education, employment or training is very important for positive mental health. Young people not working or learning could be more prone to mental health problems such as depression and anxiety fuelled from concerns about their future or financial worries.

Just last week a British Medical Journal study linked the recession and financial climate to an increase in the number of suicides.

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