Our Lives Our Future : The Government’s War on Gangs & Why It Affects our Young people


Date: Friday 20th April 2018

Time: 7 PM– 9PM

Venue: North London Community House, Moorefield Road. Tottenham N17 6PY

Violence and death should have no place in a society that delivers opportunities, respect and justice to its youth and communities. What has led to the spike in violent crimes? The Government is now responding with more heavy-handed policing but without acknowledging its own failures. The media has raised alarms over the number of deaths in London exceeding those in New York as if some number is acceptable

Are our children really the gangsters and violent thugs that the Government and media would have us believe? Or are they simply pawns in a bigger game, where the impact of neglect has helped to create an environment where they have little or no means to develop self-esteem other than through the use of aggression or violence? 

What is clear is that we wont address the problem unless we understand the political and social drivers that shape our lives and our communities. Unless we fully understand what makes our youth so angry, how can we support or guide them properly?

This presentation from this public meeting can be downloaded by clicking this link (power point presentation) The Bogus War on Gangs



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