Pavlo Lapshyn driven to kill by far-right paramilitaries and racist football hooligans

Pavlo Lapshyn had been in Britain for just five days when he murdered grandfather of 23 Mohammed Saleem by stabbing him in the back as he made his way home after Friday prayers.

The 25 year-old white supremacist had moved to Birmingham where he had been awarded a placement to further his engineering studies.

Following his trial counter terrorism officers said that he had acted as a “lone wolf”.

But detectives found literature and images related to PoU and fascist Dynamo Kiev supporters on Lapshyn’s Russian Facebook page and on a pen computer drive when they raided the home he shared with a fellow student in Small Heath, Birmingham.

Investigations by counter terrorism officers found that Lapshyn was not a member of any of these groups and that no one else was involved in the murder of Mr Saleem, aged 82, of the bombs that were set off bombs at three Midland mosques.

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