PC Blakelock murder trial: ‘All blacks look alike,’ says prosecution witness

A key witness in the PC Keith Blakelock murder trial told the Old Bailey today that “all blacks look alike” to him.

The witness, known by the pseudonym John Brown to protect his identity, said he stuck by the comments he made during a police interview about the riots in 1993, when the murder investigation was reopened.

Jurors have already heard Mr Brown say he saw Nicky Jacobs, 45, now of Hackney but previously of Manor Road, Tottenham, stabbing PC Blakelock with a machete during the Broadwater Farm riots in October 1985.

Violence broke out on the council estate, which was ethnically mixed, after Cynthia Jarrett, a black woman, died from a heart attack as police searched her house.

The court heard that during one interview with the police in August 1993, Mr Brown – who has admitted kicking PC Blakelock up to 10 times – was asked who he had seen during the attack.

He replied: “It’s very hard for me because, like, I’m not a racist person but to me a black is a black, all right. I can’t tell the difference between them. To me a black man is a black man.”

Asked by Courtenay Griffiths QC, for the defence, if he still thought all black people looked alike, the witness answered: “More or less.”

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