Peaceful Vigil in support of: P Waytha Moorthy‘s Hunger Strike in Malaysia

Malaysia Solidarity Campaign 

“You must be the change that you want to see in the world”, Gandhi


Peaceful Vigil in support of:

P Waytha Moorthy‘s Hunger Strike in Malaysia


FRIDAY 22 MARCH 2013 at I pm

Malaysia House, 57 Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 5DU

An ethnic Indian leader Moorthy speaks during a conference in New DelhiP.Waytha Moorthy is an internationally known and respected human rights defender. He is the founder and leader of HINDRAF, a mass movement of Malaysian ethnic Indians fighting against marginalization, discrimination and racism and for equality, justice, and dignity.

P Waytha Moorthy has been on hunger strike since March 10th 2013 and vowed to continue until the political elite, both the Government and the opposition, in Malaysia acknowledge and respond to HINDRAFs blueprint for change, a 5 year conclusive and comprehensive plan to uplift 1.5 million Malaysian Indians out of poverty and into the mainstream. It has also called for the formation of a new Government Ministry for Minority Affairs that will be responsible for developing legislation and national policies needed to permanently address the problems and implement reform (for further information visit In any developing and democratic nation, these proposals would be welcomed because they would ensure a more inclusive, cohesive, participatory and equal society but in Malaysia the ruling elite view it with suspicion and hostility.

Rather than address the problem, the Government strategy has been draconian. Initially it banned Hindraff, arrested its leaders and activists and demonized them. The ban was recently lifted, its leaders and activists have been freed and the charges against them dropped given public outcry and support for HINDRAF. Now it’s strategy is to censure and deny any mainstream news on this issue, especially in relation to the hunger strike and the proposed plan, hoping that the problem would remain hidden from the international community and wishing that the HINDRAF’s movement for change would simply loose its momentum.

The Vigil has been called to mark our support for P Waytha Moorthy’s brave and selfless actions and to ensure that the Malaysian Government and the opposition, that has described itself as the Government-in-waiting, is forced to address the plight of all minorities in Malaysia, including the marginalized and the poor. Please join us.

For info: contact Suresh Grover on 0878163301706/ or

Malaysia Solidarity Campaign, 37 Museum Street, London WC1 1LQ

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