Pig’s head thrown at Crawley mosque

THREE men were arrested after a pig’s head was thrown into the car park of a town mosque.

Worshippers called police after a car drove past Langley Green Mosque and the grisly item was slung over the fence.

One of the suspects was caught just 40 minutes after the offence and Muslim leaders have thanked police for their rapid response.

Farakh Jamal, secretary of the Crawley Islamic Culture Centre, said: “This unprovoked incident was intended to cause incitement to racial and religious hatred.

“We are grateful to the authorities that, as soon as the incident was reported, swift action was taken and within 24 hours all three suspects were apprehended.

“At Langley Green Mosque we have always striven to work with other faiths and other communities and to come to a common ground, as the Holy Koran instructs.”

Mr Jamal urged Muslims to follow “the Prophet Muhammad’s example” after the attack on the London Road mosque.

He added: “We are neither angry nor frustrated. At the most we pray for such people that the Lord guide them so we can all live side by side in harmony.”

Police were called at 6.40pm on Saturday and at 7.20pm a 21-year-old man from Horley was arrested on suspicion of a racial or religious public order offence.

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