Police hunt for five racists after abuse in Micklegate

POLICE are investigating after a young woman was racially abused and had drink thrown over her while walking in York city centre.

The York woman, who is of mixed race and in her 20s, told today how she was left in tears after being abused by five people in a car which pulled up alongside her in Micklegate.

She said: “It happened in daylight, just before 7pm on Sunday. I was walking along listening to my iPod near The Parish pub when this car stopped near the traffic lights.

“It was a red Vauxhall, an Astra or a Corsa. They wound down the window and started shouting at me and laughing. They were shouting some highly offensive and racist comments.

see full story here http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/8310567.Police_hunt_for_five_racists_after_abuse/?ref=rss

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